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Lilo Nueland
09 June 2009 @ 09:29 pm

EVEN IT'S NOT A NEW LAPTOP, STILL, I'M GLAD. Well, my family don't have much money to buy a new one. So the second, it's okay. XDD

To be honest I want Acer or Compaq, but Sony's not too bad, though. 8D Hng, what type is it? Errr... VGN-C22GH. Oh, well, that's not important. :D I bought it yesterday and sold my old computer (with so many important things that I forgot to copy to this one) in only one day! Pity me.. T^T

I don't know if it's right or not. But the people said that Sony Vaio was an expensive one. Because it made by Sony huh? Well, it hasn't too much different with the other, though. Just like my friend's. She use Acer and it seems same like mine.

In fact, I interested in a new tablet laptop. But, it's much too expensive than this one. That tablet laptop is Toshiba. I thought, if I broke the monitor (it can be rotate to the right), there's now way yo fix it. Totally damage. ==a

Okay, so now I'm here with Sony. Even it seems to decrease it's quality, I have the guarantee for 3 months. So, well... XD
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Lilo Nueland
22 May 2009 @ 10:28 pm

You are a Don't Fuck With Me Seme!

Serious and to the point, and sometimes bordering on the sadistic, it takes a special breed of uke to satisfy your needs. You tend to be anti-social with little patience for most people. You need someone to challenge you and push you to your limits, and then be able to take your intense reactions, which possibly involves rope and sensual torture. This is what makes the Badass Uke the yin for your yang, as you're the only one able to put them in line and satisfy each other.

Most compatible with: Badass Uke

Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke, Innocent Uke, Clueless Uke

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at SemeUke.com, or find merchandise here.

Are? ==a *speechless*

Axis Powers Hetalia school life by miyuishina
First off whats your name?
How old are you?
What contry are you from
Your BFF in school isChina
Do you ever ask them out?No
Do they ever ask you out?No
Your teacher isRussia
Your bullied byPrussia
You have a crush on.....Taiwan
.... has a crush on youUK
How much did you like school

Oww, bullied by Prussia? D: he's....too much D:
UK has crush on me? Nice. :3

How is your love life in Axis Powers Hetalia? by shirochii
What Country Is Your Favorite?
Which Country Was Your First Crush?Switzerland
What Country Will Marry You?England
What Country Wishes They Married You?Germany
How Many Kids Will You Have?3,332
How Much Do You Love Him?
Chances Of A Divorce:
How Much Your Country Approves:

England will marry me? Waow~ x3

The rest of it... no comment.
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Lilo Nueland
For many centuries, humans always try to make a weapon that can destroy everything on their way. And then, the genius people have some idea to make a weapon that don't exist, but should.

Example :

The banana snake.
Do you know how simple and easy to use this weapon? :D *shot*
Others?Collapse )

Dare to try them? :3 *shot*

Want to know more? Just call me. 8D *kicked*

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Lilo Nueland
17 May 2009 @ 04:17 pm
Okeh, okeh. For kumohare who requested my school building... For now I only could give you my new school building.

photos are under cutCollapse )

Uh, oh. I took some other pictures. Well, it's a dance from ligust_dactna 's friends. A performance for the opening event of my new school building.photos are under cutCollapse )
 And now.... the important thing of my entry is....

An artist came to my school!!! XDDD Uh-oh, I don't know his full name. But, he's known as Randy. :Dphotos are under cutCollapse )

 Today is a busy day. And I feel so tired now. DX On the day, when I should rest sleep in peace... I should come to the opening event, early in the morning. Gyah.. I hope I could refuse. But I know I CAN'T. Besides, I'm in a choir. And I'm a bit curious that the mayor came as well.  ==a

Oh... okay. I don't know what to say anymore. ==a
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Lilo Nueland
Oh my, oh my... I have waited so long for the new chapter. And now I FOUND IT. YEAH!!!! HGJAFHJA!!! XDDDD
synopsisCollapse )

Uhh, I couldn't told the synopsis well. But, that's it. I hope you will interested in it too. I just followed the manga, 'cause its seems the story is kinda different from the anime version. :D
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Lilo Nueland
Okay, okay. XD

Yesterday, to celebrate my cousin's birthday, we went to the cinema. And, guess what? I found it!! YAY!!! XDDD And, of course I forced them to we chose that one, "X-Men Origins : Wolverine" that I have waited since 1st May. That's the best movie this week. Why? Because... When I looking around, the movies...ALL OF IT....ALL OF IT IS ABOUT GHOST. Weeew, I might have a nightmare if I watch it. Geez... ==a

*if you're curious or don't want to read the spoiler, then just watch the movie -- or skip one paragraph below*
Spoiler alert!!Collapse )
Yap, yap, yap. I only could tell you that. I just want to tell you all to WATCH IT!! >3

Ah, I wait for the next Harry Potter, in cinema next month (that's what my friend said).

Ahh, about today. I had a math test. Akh, I felt happy when I know that my teacher was absent. But... he came back on the last session AND WE START THE TEST EVEN I HADN'T READY YET. DDDX
Lucky~ I could answer all the questions. But still, I doubt about the answer. Aih, okay. Let's wait for the result. x3;;

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Lilo Nueland
03 May 2009 @ 09:05 pm
Well, today my family celebrate my birthday that already past a few days. It's okay if this year I continue my day without any cake or present. cougheveniwonderwhenigetanewlaptopcough But, one thing that makes me mad... MY NECK IS HURT!!! DDDX (how could I say 'panas dalam' in english?) It's all thanks to that darn Fruit tea that I drunk yesterday!!! ><

And then, we (my family, my grandmother and her sister, and also my cousin and her family) went to the restaurant that near my home. To be honest, we waited so long for the food. Then my father and I decide to play golf when we waited for the food. And if I talk about golf, it reminds me to my status as a member in the Southlink (in Batam). I just put my name as a member but I never play even once. Silly me. =A=

Well, we rent a stick and 100 balls. It's about 3 months since my last play. Of course my skill has decrease after that. Hwaa, but I could hit it pretty good. * I can't believe it!! T^T*
But.. the ball are all gone only in a few minutes. Nyeh, 100 ball in a short time. Don't you think it's somehow cruel? TAT
Ah, but my uncle rent 100 balls for us, so.. It's fine. :))

Back to home...
.....nothing specialCollapse )
(Yeah, nothing special about my entry *shot*)

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Lilo Nueland
06 April 2009 @ 07:58 pm
GAHH!!!! SUDAH LAMA MAU NGE-LJ!!! *lupa semua apa yg mau dibilang*

Ah, yah. Ria Irawan datang ke sekolah saya loh~ x3 *ga penting*

Nah, Animonz yang bulan ini mantap abis!!! 8DDDD Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, bahkan ada doujin Kurohitsuji-KHR. Nyiahahaha~ Beruntung bisa beli itu majalah. >3 Ga nyangka krunya kepikiran bikin itu doujin. =)) << sempet mematung pas liat

Ah, bonusnya juga boleh tuh XDD

Ah, HnG masuk season 2? :| *padahal yg season 1 aja belom nonton*

Hetalia kok ga lengkap sih? DX *banting kru Animonz, dihajar rame2* Padahal saya nungguin ulasan tentang Hetalia tuh.
Comm Choppu? Saya diajak? :3;; *bengong* SEJAK KAPAN ANDA JADI BINTANG CHOPPU?!! SAYA GA PERCAYA ANDA SEGITU MENYILAUKAN SAAT INIH!!!! 8DDDDD *ditabok* Akankah dia berhasil mengubah hati saya untuk menjadi fangirl-nya? =))
Ah, btw.. Hari ioni ada hal aneh. *ini cuman feeling saya doang loh* Rasanya beberapa cowo di kelas gw pada PDKT ama gw. ==a *dilemparin tomat*


Salah satunya si B, tadi pas pelajaran terakhir dia entah kenapa nanya rumah gw, bilang mau datang main. Bersedia bawa oleh2 dan bilang mau NGAPEL. Gw ga salah denger? ==a Pake acara bilang ama temen gw jangan ganggu 'kita lagi berduaan' lagih!!!  >< >< >< Lalu dimulai pembicaraan seputar animanga *padahal dia ga demen* dan ujung2nya nanya boleh ga dia main ke rumah gw. HELL NO. Akhir2nya juga dia nyerah >:) *ketawa setan*

NOTE  : Bagi yang mesen Photo Spying Meme, sori belom bisa aplod. Harap sabar yak. m(__)m Masih menerima rikues, btw.

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Lilo Nueland
Pertama-tama.... Gw bukan mau menyombongkan diri. Please, ini ga lebih dari sekedar menumpahkan rasa tertekan selama beberapa hari ga OL.

You know the reason?

Yeah, let me tell you.

Thursday, I was called by my teacher in the middle of class. And I thought about itu, why? I didn't do anything wrong if I was right. So when recess I came to the office and some students already sat there. What the? Did I do something wrong? And then, the teacher who called me start to spoke. "Kalian tahu kenapa kalian dipanggil?" I-have-no-idea. So, what she said? "Kalian telah melakukan kesalahan." What the? Okay, gw emang sering terlambat (dan bisa dibilang tiap hari). Is that the reason why I was called? Darn. "Kalian salah karena jadi orang pintar." WHAT-THE-HELL? Jujur, gw rada terkejut akan hal itu, kenapa? Karena beberapa orang yg terpilih itu akan diseleksi untuk kemudian mengikuti lomba entah-apa dan akan mewakili sekolah gw. Satu orang dari SMP dan SMK. Berlomba di dinas pendidikan. Hell. Sorry, I refuse. Jangankan di dinas pendidikan, di kelas aja gw udah tepar begini. Dan wakil kepala sekolah gw yg ada di situ bilang, "Kalau anak berprestasi mah ga ketemu pelajaran selama 2 mingguan masih bisa." Oke, oke. So, I'm not one of them. Jangankan 2 minggu. Sehari ga ketemu aja gw udah blank. Ngomong lagi 2 minggu. Mending gw mengundurkan diri. And then, tomorrow (at Friday) we, the chosen akan di tes dalam berbagai bidang studi. AND I DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT THAT. Dan tahu kenapa gw cukup kesel akan pilihan itu? Gw itu udah ga bisa dibilang beprestasi lagi tauk!!! Temen gw yg sekarang menduduki 'kursi panas' kok ga dipilih? Kenapa g? Padahal dia udah ngalahin gw selama 3/4 blok ini. That's not fair, isn't it?

And so, tes itu sudah lewat. Pas gw datang, disuruh berpidato dalam bahasa inggris. Geez, kalian bisa liat betapa hancurnya grammar gw dari entri ini kan? Oke, setelah tes itu lewat (dengan beberapa kesalahan), sudah tersaring 1 orang dari SMP dan... 3 ORANG DARI SMK DI MANA GW SALAH SATUNYA?! Listen, my grammar really bad and you choose me? Ohoho.... otak kalian pasti udah pada korslet hah? Atau mata kalian katarak? Cih, jangan harap gw mau. Setelah itu, kami disuruh ke perpus untuk mempelajari sejarah Riau, Batam, dan sekitar. Bukannya belajar, kami justru pad abecanda. Yeah, seperti yang dikatakan oleh salah satu dari mereka. "KEPINTARAN MEMBAWA KEGILAAN." YEAHHH!!!! GW SETUJU!!!! Pintar itu dosa heh? Kelebihan macam itu cuma bikin pegel doang, mending jadi orang biasa. Selama sekitar 1 jam lebih membaca tanpa tujuan, tau2nya disuruh ke kantor lagi untuk tes kesenian. Mau ga mau gw nyanyi dengan suara cempreng gw, dan moga2 mereka bisa melihat dengan baik bahwa gw emang ga pantes ikut lomba itu. Belom selesai penderitaan langsung ngelanjut tes matematika. Gw cuma bisa jawab 4/5 soal doang. Nyihahahah~ GW UDAH GILA!!!! Lanjut lagi, dengan keadaan belum makan siang langsung tes IPA. Dan nampaknya gw beruntung bsia menjawab 2 pertanyaan yg ditanyakan. (Meskipun gw TETAP GA INGIN TERPILIH). Setelah itu langsung ngelanjut ke IPS. Gila, 4 soal yah... Gw rasa jawaban gw salah semua. Nice. Bagus karena gw nampaknya ga bakal kepilih dan buruk karena reputasi gw malah menurun. *kayak gw punya reputasi aja*

DAMN HELL. Gw tau gw ga bakal kepilih tapi kenapa gw merasa 70%-80% gw bakal kepilih? Gahhhh, mudah2an kagak. Gw ga mau terlibat!!!! Gw ga mau makin terpuruk!!!!! GW CUMA MAU JADI MURID BIASA. TITIK!!!

Belom lagi besok gw ujian, dan gw belum belajar. Hahahaha, sialan. ==a

Jangan peduliin entrinya pake bahasa  inggris-indo ini. Yang penting gw udah lega ngelepasin tekanan ini. YEAH, LEGAA!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDX

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Lilo Nueland
09 March 2009 @ 08:09 pm

Okay, after I ask to phpbb's forum about multi-mail users... They said that it wasn't possible. So, the next step is... Cancel the plans about RP-ing in my new forum, U.F.O. That won't possible. How 'bout zeta? I don't think so. It was complicated and I can't manage the rank nor the groups.  And I'm lazy enough to manage it. Well, see ya UFO!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDX
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